HYDROLOCATE – Measure Twice, Drill Once

We will use every resource within our grasp to achieve our clients needs.

With costs of drilling a well being several thousand dollars, something is needed to reduce risk of drilling an unusable well.

Most of the technology used to find liquid under the ground surface is extremely expensive and time consuming.

Hydrolocate can survey property and determine the most productive location from the data collected. In most cases depth can be estimated. In some cases quality and yields can also be estimated. Background data of the area and calibration is key for these estimates, however, absence or presence are read and can be compared during data interpretation and listed from most to least if no background data is available.

Topographical maps are a good source of data for background information collection and sometimes provide indicators on where to start surveying.

In the Tennessee valley, most of the largest volumes of water are located in karst limestone.


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